AK TAXI Agents

With the rising need of good customer service in the ride-hailing sector of the transportation industry especially in the area of security, AK Taxi Company created a chain (Agents) within its business model.

Agents are the second level of the AK Taxi business model charged with the responsibility of managing drivers and customers with focal interest on ensuring quality service delivery within each level of the business chain.

An AK Taxi agent will be responsible for:

Conveying updates and innovations by AK Taxi to drivers and also ensure compliance.

Recruiting and managing drivers under his or her agency

Having and managing a physical space for operation

Coordinating and ensuring that drivers live up standards of customer service delivery as stipulated by the company

Holding briefings, trainings and meetings with drivers under his/her purview to communicate updates and innovations

Reporting disputes, displeasing actions of drivers under their purview to AK Taxi management when necessary.

What do i need
to become an Agent?

  • Must be of at least 18 years of age.

  • Must have at least 2 drivers ready to sign up.

  • Must have a verifiable address and an official identification card (Driver’s License, National ID etc.)

  • Must have a physical space of operation branded with AK TAXI banners.

Agent growth plan

AK Taxi has a growth plan for agents and this is attained based on the level of work and number of active drivers.

An Agent with 50 drivers under his/or her purview will be promoted to the level of a super-agent. This will also cause an increment from 15% to 25% earning from each active driver subscription.

Super-Agents will be charged with more responsibility of managing Agents in assigned regions. Super-Agents will be given various incentives such as all-expense paid vacation trips and more.