AK Taxi is a ride hailing app that enables passengers order cheap rides.

Because it’s getting more expensive to grab a taxi with regular fares, that’s why we built a new solution — A cheap taxi service that can be beneficial to both passengers and Drivers.

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Passengers set fares by themselves, they decide which fare is affordable and reasonable for their rides. Usually, the average cost of rides with AK Taxi is 30-50% cheaper than when taking road-side taxi, or other ride-hailing services.

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With AK Taxi you are instantly on the go. You don't need to hail cabs in the street or book in advance. Just request a ride through the app and get offers for a lift from nearby drivers within 2-3 minutes.


Just fill in your pickup location, destination and set a suitable fare. Nearby drivers will contact you as soon as possible.

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You can see the distance to the driver and track how he moves towards you on the map.


Riders and drivers can report safety related issues to the nearest AK-Taxi agent across the country.

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If we are not in your location, email us at info@ak-taxi.com

We will make sure that cheap AK Taxi will be available in your location as soon as possible.

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