Trips on your terms

With AK Taxi you can offer your own price for the drivers.

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Easy to download.
Easy to use.

Your ride request is sent to nearby drivers

  • Choose the best offer from drivers
  • Average time of arrival is 5 minutes
  • Enjoy your ride
  • Pay directly to the driver and rate your trip

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Why use AK-TAXI

No commission

With AK-Taxi, drivers do not worry about commissions rather, they pay a 30 days subscription. This allows drivers to carry out orders cheaper than other services while passengers save from 20-30% on each trip.

Riders/Passenger control Price

Riders/Passengers offer a reasonable fair and AK-Taxi does not manipulate the price of a trip under the cover of high demand. The price of the trip is controlled by the passenger, not the private taxi service algorithm.

Easy to get a ride

  • Professional and easy to use software
  • Setup and installations takes 30 seconds
  • Perfect for any device with pixel perfect design
  • Setup and installations really really fast

How it works

  • Offer your price!

    Specify your route and price, we will offer your order to drivers

  • Fast car feed

    The order is sent to the nearest drivers

  • Have a car? Make money!

    Activate the driver mode menu and select orders

Easy to become a driver!

  • Access to ride requests

    How to sign-up as a driver

  • Fill the information

    Let us know about you and your car.

  • Ride requests feed

    Choose worthy ones